Rumor has it, a new Dupont Circle ice cream shop could start serving rolled ice cream next week. Yes, ROLLED ICE CREAM! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 4.44.14 PM.png

ICY CODE has already caused a major  CRAZE in cities such as New York City, Los Angelas, Boston. If all goes according to plan, Washington, D.C will be next on the list! The shop is set to open at 2029 P St. NW, on November 12th!  

Rolled ice cream as defined by Paste magazine is: “This mounting trend started tiptoeing into the States last year by way of Southeast Asia — not just Thailand, but also Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines, where the treat is often sold by street vendors. To make it, a still-liquid ice cream base is poured onto a tray cooled to around -23 degrees Celsius; fruit, cookies, candies are cut (loudly) in with a couple of spatulas that resemble putty knives. Then the whole thing is smoothed into a wafer-y sheet to freeze up quick, and scraped into tubes.”Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 4.47.51 PM.png

Some of  Icy Code’s most popular items are cappuccino, baked Alaska, chocolate mousse and green tea mochi ice cream rolls. New flavors to come are banana split, cookies and cream and s’mores!

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Check out Icy Code: HERE